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Hi! My name is Chantel and I am excited to share with you my ongoing journey to a natural lifestyle.
In 2008 I went to Florida College of Natural Health where I got my degree in skin care. That is where my passion for a natural lifestyle began. I learned about treating the skin naturally inside and out. I slowly started to make changes to live a healthier lifestyle. I ate less fast food and more home cooked meals, I switched all of my skin care products to organic and eco-friendly, and I even started exercising (occasionally).
In 2014 I started working for an Organic Spa as an esthetician. I was amazed of the effects that a natural lifestyle had on the skin, not just organic skin care products but an overall lifestyle changed. This made me wonder what else I could do to live a truly natural lifestyle. I changed my cleaning products to natural products, I did more exercise, and I became a vegan. I fell in love with all things natural, organic, “green”. However the changes were too quick and too drastic, I couldn’t keep up with it all.
In 2017 I got pregnant and like most moms I wanted to give the tiny human growing inside of me the best. I did not want my precious baby to be poisoned with chemicals and processed foods but I also remembered the last time I tried to change overnight. I realized that balance was key and if I fell off the wagon one day, it’s okay. This more balanced view of life in general helped me to make changes that stick.
This blog is intended to help you live a more natural lifestyle. From recipes to product reviews, whatever changes you are ready for I want to help. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and let’s take this journey together and live a natural life.


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