IKEA Play Kitchen Hack

IKEA Play Kitchen Hack

I have been waiting for my daughter to reach the age where she can start playing with and enjoying a play kitchen. We bought her a pot and pan set when she was a bout 9 months old and she didn’t really care much about it. At around 12-13 months old she started to show more interest and started pretend cooking and eating. It was so cute! Then, about a month later we went to a friends house who has a play kitchen and she really liked playing with it, so we knew she was ready!

Months before that I had been looking for the perfect toy kitchen and I just couldn’t find one I really liked, and the really nice ones are pretty expensive. I found some really nice ikea hacks on Pinterest but I knew that I would just get frustrated at the process of some of these projects. My husband and I are not great at DIY’s. It’s not that we can’t do them, it’s that we don’t have the patience for the 145262 steps involved. I have such little patience that 20 steps really feels like 145262, haha. I was on the hunt for a simple hack that was still cute. I found this super cute hack from This Haus of Ours blog. I let that be my inspiration for this kitchen.




So right around the time I was making my plans for this kitchen my mom told me she was planning on buying a play kitchen for Amelia which was $130. I told her my plans for the IKEA kitchen and she sent me the money for the kitchen saving her $50 (Link to IKEA play kitchen). Check out that before pic above! Just a plain kitchen, it was time to make it our own.



The first thing we did was spray paint the hardware gold and the sink and stove trim white. This made a huge difference. We also painted the pole that holds the hooks white and the hooks gold. I had gone back and forth on whether I wanted to paint the wood or add marble contact paper to the counters but then I remembered that I wanted to keep it simple. We decided that the only other thing we were going to do was add a “wall paper”.



If you follow me on social media then you may remember that I put two wrapping paper designs from Rifle Paper Co to a poll and this blue floral lemon design won. At first I wasn’t 100% sure it was the one I wanted but once it arrived I was so happy I went with this design. It’s beautiful! There are more inexpensive wrapping papers you can go with, like from Marshall’s or Ross, but I knew I definitely wanted flowers and fruit so I decided to “splurge” on this wrapping paper. With shipping it was about $11. I don’t regret it for a second.



Then we just had to add the finishing touches. There are so many cute things on Etsy but I decided that I really wanted to save money and try to be creative and use what I had at home, of course we did buy a few little accessories that I fell in love with. The plant she already had in her room and was originally purchased from Target on sale for about $3 and the doily was $1 at Michael’s. The pitcher and cutting board were from IKEA and they were way too cute to pass up! I found the cutting board next to all the other cutting boards in the kitchen section.  I think it’s supposed to be a cheese board but it was tiny and cute and I knew it would look cute in her kitchen, and for only $5 how could I leave it? The pitcher I found near the plant section where there are a lot of random household accessories like candles and stuff. There was a bigger pitcher and this tiny one for $9 and although I thought it was a little pricey for a small pitcher I bought it anyways because I had a coupon. The seasoning bottle were empty seasoning bottles that I saved and I just made the labels from scrap paper and tape. I also made cinnamon sticks out of felt and oregano out of green scrap paper to go in the bottles. I found a little blue box tha was holding cards so I took the cards out and used it as a tea storage box for one of the cubbies. We bought the pots and pans set from target along with some felt veggies.



As you can see she loves playing with her kitchen, and we love watching her! She likes to point at the birds and flowers and she will sign bird and flower every time, it’s too cute. She really enjoys pretending to add oregano to her pot. She always “makes” vegan spaghetti with mushrooms, I can’t handle the cuteness, lol. I’m so glad we decided to do this ikea hack instead of buying an expensive toy kitchen. We were able to make it our own with a few simple and inexpensive steps. It was a fast and fun project, coming from a lazy mama, haha.




• If you are going to spray paint make sure to use a base coat that is specifically for plastic! You don’t want the spray paint chipping off easily. Also, don’t forget a top coat. We went with a glossy one but there are many options.

• If you aren’t too picky about a wall paper design then check stores like Ross, TJMaxx, Marshall’s, and Target for wrapping paper at a cheaper price.


We kept it simple but the possibilities are endless! Here are some more ideas:

• If you aren’t afraid of a little more work than you can paint the wood too and give the kitchen a totally different look.

• Amazon sells cheap marble contact paper that you can use for the counter tops.

• If you want to add a more realistic backsplash you can find stick on subway tile.

Have fun with this project and make it your own, after all that’s the best part of DIY’s!

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